Silent Saturday

So, I’ve just read this book (yes, I occasionally do something other than eat and bitch, shut up) and I want to tell you about it.




It’s a thriller set in the sleepy, prosperous expat-filled suburbs of Brussels. 17-year-old Veerle is stiflingly bored and sick of looking after her clingy, needy mother when a chance encounter brings her into contact with a secret society which breaks into empty and abandoned houses. But then members of the society begin to disappear…

Author Helen Grant lived in Belgium, she knows those Brussels suburbs she describes and it shows: there’s a real sense of place, a feel of the heavy torpor of rainy, respectable, boring streets and glossy, soulless expat palaces. It’s not really a whodunnit in the classic sense – you know, basically – rather it’s creepy and atmospheric and a great portrait of adolescent frustration and longing. The familiar cityscapes are really pleasing for Brussels types like me, and best of all, it’s the first in a planned Flanders trilogy.

Silent Saturday is now available at Waterstones  (Boulevard Adolphe Max 71) and Sterling Books (Rue du Fossé aux Loups 38) and through The Usual Channels (you know who I mean). 

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