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Midi market

love Midi market, loud and busy and joyful and gloriously cheap. It reminds me a tiny bit of Brick Lane on a Sunday.

Here’s what I bought today, quite restrained:


Four mangoes for €2, a giant lump of ginger for €0,60, all those green chilies for €1 and the coriander for €0,25.

There was breakfast too, from the guys on the Moroccan pancake stall: a pancake with honey and a glass of sweet hot mint tea for €1,25.


The everything but the kitchen sink crêpe, with roast veggies, cheese and various pickled delights, isn’t half bad too.


I have no conclusion to this post, because I am tired and hungry and I have twelve tonnes of dhal made with my market purchases to eat. Go to Midi market. It is good. Keep your handbag zipped. Eat a pancake.

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