Keep on Toasting

Because, as you know, I am totally down with the kids (actually, right now on my fourth day of enforced solitary confinement with my youngest and Mario 3D Land, I am more down on the kids, but we’ll let it pass for now), I have been to test the new food truck, Keep on Toasting. Yes. Brussels has a food truck now, we are entering 2008 AT FULL SPEED, watch out future, here we come.

Keep on Toasting does gourmet croque monsieurs. I love me a bit of croque monsieur. Indeed, in this shitty, shitty weather it’s really only the thought of melted cheese that keeps me from holing up in my cellar with a shotgun and 500 litres of home distilled potato vodka and a trained attack mink. Well, that and the fact that I have neither a shotgun, a mink, nor any potato vodka. I have a cellar though, so it’s not a wholly empty threat.

The truck meanders around town, with twice daily stops on a schedule it posts on Twitter, Facebook and on its website. There’s a choice of 5 croques on organic bread (one of which is veggie) and the menu changes monthly. There’s a homemade daily dessert too, which might be anything from fruit brochettes to pannacotta to yoghurt. Truck mastermind Jean-Baptiste is always on the look out for new fillings and ideas, so why not buttonhole him and tell him all about your favourite ludicrous toastie recipe (I, personally, remain faithful to a classic tinned tuna, Comté and spring onion)? I bet he loves that.

We went on Sunday when the truck goes to the market at Place Flagey. It was pissing down, we had just inadvertently shut the dog’s tail in the car boot and everyone was miserable and saggy and resentful of my insistence we go on a wild goose chase for a sandwich. I was worried I would have to do pointed elbow battle with five hundred soggy, pass-agg bobos to get my sandwich, but no, when we arrived they were all still haggling over the organic chard, and we were the only ones in the sandwich queue.

SHIT PICTURE TIME. I know you live for these. This is a particularly great specimen. You can see our dog’s miserable wet back at the bottom if you squint.


We got a Croque Belge (Passendale cheese, ham, shredded BRUSSEL SPROUTS) and a Croque Français (Entremont cheese, chicken and braised leeks) and my sulky, resentful ten year old who despises cheese got a crème caramel and bitched about the whole enterprise at length.  They’re ready and prepared then heated to order, so it only  took a couple of minutes, then, because the weather was so dreadful and several people seemed on the brink of reporting our shivering, bleeding tailed dog to the SPA, we scuttled straight back into the car and ate our croques, reheated, at home.



(Yeah, our plates are nice, aren’t they? Every week I say we must get less hideous plates, then every week I quaver at the thought of Ikea. You should see our side plates, they’re all brightly coloured melamine with robots on. Oh yes, it’s very World of Interiors round ours. Especially with all the dog’s tail blood splattered around in the manner of something from Dexter)

That’s the Français on the top and the Belge on the bottom. We both liked the Belge better, because the cheese was a bit gutsier; the français was perfectly pleasant but a little bland. Otherwise, brilliant: tasty, savoury, nicely seasoned. I mean, it’s not hard to do and frankly for my tastes (greed) it was a bit small, but really very good for a snack on the run and a neat idea.

Croques are €5 and on your first visit if you “check in” on a social media type site you get a pudding for free. I don’t think I really know what this means, but you know, the words “free” and “pudding” keep my interest.

Keep on Toasting, various sites around Brussels daily and also available to hire for functions. 

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