The Hot Chocolate Taste Test with Shitty Photos – Part 2

The snow has gone, but it’s still rainy and miserable, so I can catch up with the disgracefully overdue Hot Chocolate Test With Shitty Photos. Today: Part 2, Galler.

Galler is a smallish chain of high class chocolate shops in Belgium and scattered around the world, apparently. For a long time I lived about a hundred yards from a branch of Galler and it was a very bad scene indeed, what with the constant temptations of the jars of salted caramel spread, narcotically dark truffles, hot praline waffles and frighteningly good ice creams in summer. The very worst of the whole business though was the hot chocolate. It sits on the counter near the door, enticing unwary passers-by in with its innocent churning motion. Beware, casual hot chocolate dilettantes, because this stuff is DYNAMITE.


My glamorous hot chocolate moddle was complaining that his fingers were getting burnt. Does Jurgen Teller get this kind of aggro? I doubt it.

Galler hot chocolate has the light frothy texture beloved of the Mayans and an intense, lightly sweetened cocoa hit. It is dark, but not thick and overwhelming, it is silky smooth, served at the perfect temperature and feels like it must, on some level, be good for you. Children do not like it. Thank you Galler.


Entirely abritrary score time:

Appearance: 9

Taste: 9,5

Treatiness: 8, unless you get a specially lovely assistant and she gives you a free praline to go with. This sometimes happens.

Giving a total of: 26,5/30

Hot chocolate of wonder. Go. Drink reverently. Try and find your nearest outlet on this, their wholly useless website or just come to my local, Parvis Saint Pierre 6, 1180 Uccle.

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