I spotted Yeti down a tiny side street before Christmas when I was trying to find a parking space near Boulevard Anspach (yeah, good luck with that, loser) and because one of my jobs involves finding three new restos a month (yeah, good luck with that too, loser), I went home and looked it up and it sounded fantastic: healthy but not too healthy, just hipstery enough and greedy, greedy delicious. Look at some of the things on the current menu (it changes weekly):

Cauliflower, spinach and ricotta lasagne

Savoy cabbage, pecorino and pancetta quiche

Homemade fishfingers with parmesan and parsley, lemon and caper tartare sauce

Fresh goat’s cheese, beetroot guacamole and sesame sandwich with salad.

I want all of those now and it’s only ten past ten. What? It’s COLD and I’m part hippy and my Picard pain au chocolat still hasn’t defrosted.

We tried to go for brunch that weekend, but when we got there the place was packed to the rafters (impressive, given had only been open two months) and I am afraid to say that I went into a massive sulk for the rest of the day like a mardy teenager. I’d blame hormones, but I’m a bitch like that even without them, I fear. ANYWAY. After I had apologised profusely to my family, I sheepishly suggested we go back last weekend, and this time I booked.

And it was .. pretty great, actually. They were two wait staff down to illness, so the service was a bit erratic and my eggs were cold, BUT it was instantly forgivable because the food was really, really great. Nothing terribly fancy – there are two brunches, both at €22 and they’re basically variants on eggs and bacon and pancakes and granola – but huge and really well done, the kind of food you fantasise about making at home but can’t be arsed to (ok, perhaps you can be arsed. I can’t. I have six hours of backed up Danish drama on my TV hard drive).

The “Nature” had a really delectable cumin scented grated veggie pancake/rösti sort of thing with a sweet, earthy beetroot spiced purée and the “Brooklyn” had the fluffiest American style pancakes with a bowl of maple syrup and it broke my heart to have to share mine with my youngest who was, as is his wont, being Difficult: even though they weren’t supposed to be serving anything but brunch, they very kindly gave him a delicious off-menu ham and baby spinach sandwich on sunflower seed bread with a big, crunchy, generous salad – chicory, cabbage, more spinach. Would you like a shit photo of that? You would? Here you go:





Also delicious, the buttermilk biscuits, which were basically warm scones. The room is sweet and bright and charming – pale wood and batik wax curtains, mismatched formica chairs, a light sprinkling of gentlemen with waxed moustaches – and tea and coffee (included in the brunch and very good) comes in sunshine yellow mugs. The mugs, however, are tragically too small. I would have sold my first and second born for a refill. You get a good fresh OJ too as part of the brunch, though again, in a thimble. I suppose I’d rather have a small quantity of good than à volonté crap though.

I would go back like a shot. I want to go for lunch next time. I recommend you to go very warmly. If you have a waxed moustache, so much the better.

There’s a nice video here which will make you want to drop everything you’re doing and go and hole up at a corner table for the rest of the day.

Le Yeti, 4 Rue du Bon Secours, 0476 88 85 94

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