Le Chalet Robinson

The Chalet Robinson from Metropolitan magazine. This is the place we go without fail for kids’ birthdays (and actually my birthday too) and the place I recommend people go with their children when they visit the city. Because: A BOAT RIDE. RABBITS. CHIPS. SALTED CARAMEL SUNDAES. And, most importantly, Gertrude the mentally defective goose. As if that weren’t enough, when it’s your birthday, they play cheesy happy birthday music and stick the most gigantic fuck off sparkler in your pudding, which is how all birthdays should be celebrated, it is the law.

This is Gertrude on my birthday last year. I am a little bit in love with her, in all her elegant confusion.


2 thoughts on “Le Chalet Robinson

  1. I was hoping to read about Gertrude the goose but for some reason the text on this page is teeny teeny weeny, like ant-sized. The other pages I looked at are all fine. Just thought you’d like to know!

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