Ciel mes Bijoux! Excelsior

My Saturday afternoons seem to have developed a pattern recently while my children are at their dorky (and completely damn life-saving) science club: go to the Sablon (laugh at people in elaborate ‘country’ outfits: orange cords, full body tweed, good hattage) and find a new, beautiful, out-of-my-price-range shop to obsess about. Today’s discovery was the catchily named Ciel mes Bijoux! Excelsior (no, it wouldn’t have been my first choice either. Imagine answering the phone. I am going to call it ‘CMBE’, because it’s Saturday night and I have been drinking €3,49 Lidl Rioja and I am just about ready to collapse into an Elemis bath with my nice book).


CMBE sells high end accessories, basically. The shop has only been open for three days at the time of writing and they really couldn’t have chosen a better time to open because it is PERFECT for Christmas gifts for lucky rich bastards. I wanted approximately 80% of the stock: the Comme des Garçons wallets (I used to have a green one and it was stolen and yes, I am still in mourning 5 years later) and bags and gorgeous soft iPad cases in cobalt blue (I do not even have an iPad). Wonderful textiles from the De Clercq sisters, who are Belgian but based in Rome. I liked these ties and LOVED some soft scarves that filled me with frustrated lust:

305633_300867320025653_21867030_nThere are chic, roomy print shoppers and there is exuberant, fine, jewellery by Hervé Van der Straeten who has worked for Dior and Guerlain and designed jewellery for Yves Saint Laurent, Gaultier and Lacroix catwalk shows. There are, most devastatingly, amazingly cute Olympia Le Tan jumpers with the prettiest contrast Peter Pan collars. I was desperate for one of these, even though I would have looked like I had escaped from an asylum in them.


Sigh. I wanted one so much, and yet. I am not, and will never be, Alexa Chung or Lou Doillon. Life is cruel, but at least there are beautiful things to look at, and rillettes to eat.

They’re the sole Brussels supplier of all these ranges apart from the Comme maroquinerie (and even there, they’re the only place in Brussels to stock the Beatles range) and everything has obviously been selected by someone with rather fabulous, quirky taste and an eye for careful, special individual things; you know, the kind of person you can rely on to make you look really good when you don’t have infallible taste yourself (yes, like me). I don’t know if that person is Sébastien who I met, but he is certainly charming and knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm, and will make you very welcome.

Rich? Know someone rich who would like to buy you an exquisite and thoughtful gift? Go, or direct them, here without delay. Maybe they could get me the nice purply Diane De Clercq scarf in the window or one of those lovely Comme des Garçons star print purses as a thank you for the tip off..

Ciel mes bijoux! Excelsior, 10 Rue Ernest Allard, (0) 2502 6790 (Facebook page here)

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