Pépin La Lune

A rainy Saturday on the Sablon.. Two half and halfs to the wind and an ill-advised stop for caramels at Patrick Roger.. and I come across beautiful Pépin La Lune. Sigh.

Even though my own children are basically too big for fripperies from chic and delightful kids’ stuff shops, and would far rather have hard cash or an Xbox, I’m a sucker for them and Brussels has plenty: there’s Collégram, Boucle d’Or, Piou Piou and Claude Hontoir, all of which I love and will come back to on these pages, doubtless.

Pépin is dreamy. It was opened by lovely Valérie – whose enthusiasm is infectious – five months ago on the sinuous, curvy Rue Lebeau that slides down from the Sablon towards the Grand Place in a jumble of stuffed zebras and Elvis Pompilio hats. Pépin sells vintage children’s furniture, a small but beautiful selection of baby clothes and bedding, plenty of good local design and precisely the kind of Lovely Shiny Things that make my ancient, shrivelled ovaries sigh.

I especially loved:

A great selection of Japanese sticky tape.

These sweet notebooks where you can draw clothes on a variety of woodland animals that I totally coveted (yes, I’m thirty eight tomorrow WHAT OF IT?).

and this, which I was unable to resist, even though our latest attempt at growing things ended in a box of horseshit in the cellar:

There was the sweetest make your own ukelele kit that I wish someone would get me for my birthday (which is tomorrow, so you know..).

Oh. I got these too:

What do you mean, this is the reason I am poor? SHUT UP.

Pépin la Lune. Catnip for ladies who like Lovely Things. Perfect for presents. Highly recommended. Might make you as poor as me.

Pépin la Lune, 25 Rue Lebeau

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