La vitrine du coiffeur

The men’s barber near me has the most amazing array of retro window displays, seemingly unchanged since 1958. He – or rather his wife – does a complete refurb every month and each one is more haunting and weird and melancholy than the last. In summer there’s a scattering of sand, some shells, a souvenir plate with a picture of him in shorts in Crete and a fishing net. At easter there are faded, sad eyed flock bunnies. At Christmas.. well, you get the idea.

These frogs appear in, I think, late spring.

Erm, frogs

Apparently while we were on holiday this summer the barber’s shop was filmed for a Renault commercial, which is the most exciting thing to ever happen in our area apart from the armed robbery, the hostage taking and the time when M.Cambier the épicier was on the seven o’clock news and basically said he hated us all. I am desperate to see this commercial.

The death knell of La Rentrée

I struggle to get good pictures of the window displays, partly because the reflections are tricky and partly because I have to hide from the hairdresser bu finally, last night, I got a half decent picture of The Owls of Autumn. I think they convey the eeriness of the whole set up very well. I am going to make this a regular feature and try and get a good picture every time the window changes, until we have a full set. Yeah, stick with me kids, this blog is setting social media on FIRE.

The Owls of Autumn:

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